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CatalystLIVE! focuses on the twelve drivers of upside leverage and exponential business growth. The goal is to reveal more workable, tangible, profitable techniques and strategies “hidden in plain sight” in and around every business organization today. In today’s competitive business world, you need every advantage you can get. A great place to start is by making the most of what you have by maximizing existing resources to unlock the true potential of your company.

Class Schedule:

February 8th – April 19th, 2018

Classes Held Every Thursday, 5:30 – 8:30 pm

634 Ryland Street, Reno NV 89509

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The Twelve Drivers of Upside Leverage & Exponential Business Growth

Starting a business in Reno can be challenging even in the best economic climate. To succeed, an entrepreneur needs more than a Reno Business License or filed Articles from the State. They need courage, knowledge, foresight, good advice, plenty of determination, and a little bit of luck.

Many start-ups as well as seasoned business owners struggle unnecessarily and fail to reach their potential because they try to build a strong business on a weak foundation.  Businesses fail for many obvious reasons. They ignore their customers, they disregard market conditions, they miscalculate prices, they don’t have a plan, stick to a budget, or they lack managerial control.  But there is another huge factor for business failure that has nothing to do with outside factors – they were internal. They weren’t economic – they were emotional.

Cheri Hill, Facilitator and Vision Igniter has created CatalystLIVE! 11 weeks for Exponential Business Growth is a Reno business class for entrepreneurs interested in knowing how to start a business in Reno as well as existing business owners in search of a scalable, repeatable, profitable business model.

The road to business success is well-traveled and well-understood and can be defined in all sorts of ways – including business size, market share, profitability, efficiency, and the ability to innovate – but there are certain qualities that every successful business shares.

Businesses Succeed Because They:

  • Have a clearly understood and communicated Vision

  • Base their goals on realistic expectations

  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of their competitors

  • Target the right group of customers

  • Specialize in solving customer problems, and experiment with new approaches

  • Are organized for maximum flexibility

  • Create customer loyalty and repeat business by offering a unique value

  • Foster a culture of innovation

  • Manage cash flow effectively

  • Train and empower employees to be the best they can be

  • Build integrated systems to assess, manage and measure productivity

  • Keep a close eye on costs, pricing, and profit

  • Leverage key relationships

  • The owner provides leadership while developing their own managerial skills or knows when to acquire those skills through someone else:

  • Figure out that success is mostly a matter of decision (Motion beats meditation!)

  • Understand that the company itself is the ultimate creation

Welcome to what is the most truthful, blunt, straightforward, non-sugarcoated, no holds barred, no-nonsense, Reno business class you will ever get to experience on succeeding as an entrepreneur. Cheri Hill, has personally worked with thousands of business owners across the nation and candidly shares her wisdom, frank insights and resilient ideology through her signature humor and unconventional thinking as related to her own 24 years of entrepreneurial adventure.  No college classroom theory, no baloney. Real world truths from somebody who succeeds day in, day out, as a determined and fearless business owner working without a net.  She knows it’s easy to open a business but to keep it open is very difficult.

The CatalystLIVE! 11 weeks for Exponential Business Growth a Reno Business Class designed to help you understand how to create upside leverage and exponential business growth so you find clever ways to maximize your resources and unlock the true potential of your company.

You should take this Reno Business Class…

  • If you have always wanted to realize the American dream of being in business for yourself.

  • If you want to learn what it takes to start, grow and run a successful company.

  • If you have or expect to have as few as zero or as many as 200 employees.

  • If you want to understand the stages of growth your company will experience or is going through, and how things can change without your realizing it.

  • If you have survived long enough to realize you need guidance and knowledge to achieve more of your dreams.

  • If you’re puzzled by the changes in your business that happened just because it grew.

  • If you don’t understand why growth has stalled when you still do things the way you used to.

  • If you have invested in your business every cent you own and all you can borrow, and you still need more.

  • If you want to understand the limiting patterns in marketing that restrict most business success.

  • If you don’t have a clue as to how your behavior affects the long-term viability of your business.

  • If you are searching for a mental spark or resources to give you new ideas and knowledge for solving your most pressing problems.

  • If you never spend any time or effort planning for contingencies, nor identified specific long-term outcomes you wish to achieve.

  • If you want to learn how to view your business as the market’s most trusted, valued, and prized provider, advisor, and source.

  • If you think business is a game and money is the way to keep score.

  • If you need to learn why marketing, innovation, and strategizing product results; and why all the rest are costs.

  • If you want to learn how to ask the right questions about your business.

  • If you’re already on board as an entrepreneur, but you want to ensure you’re a success and not a statistic.

Cheri teaches CatalystLIVE! a Reno business class because it’s the one she wished she had when she started in business.  Like most entrepreneurs with start-up businesses, she felt lonely and searched for help to accomplish her dreams. To win in business you need to be tough, think big and become skilled. To become the best, you must train with the best. As a gusty successful business owner and creative mentor to many, it’s the way she gives back. She is on a mission (along with her hand-picked rocking industry experts invited each week to reveal more workable, tangible, profitable techniques and strategies that you can immediately apply in a way that requires the least amount of money, time, effort, or risk) so we dramatically cut your learning curve thereby expanding your ability to confidently move forward in creating your own definition of success.

CatalystLIVE! 11 weeks for Exponential Business Growth is the only Reno business class that ensures you are not alone. It’s a fact, everything you have or will experience in your business has already occurred and been solved in many small businesses. It is comforting and enlightening to be surrounded by other business owners so you can talk straightforwardly and learn from everyone in the room. Starting a business is a wonderful, turbulent, provocative and at times a weird journey so you might want to build some key relationships with those that can relate and understand.  And that’s typically not your family, friends, ex-boss, previous co-workers or the world at large.

CatalystLIVE! 11 weeks for Exponential Business Growth is the only Reno business class that helps you keep your eyes and mind open, to think and work smarter, to be a better decision maker, and to ensure you get everything you can out of all you’ve got.  You will learn key success-and income-increasing strategies specific to your business. Embrace these strategies, apply them with diligence, and your destination will be financial security, influence, recognition, and much deserved success.

Expose yourself to Cheri’s “Eternal Business Truths” and prepare for a lot of chin-rubbing insight. But what she teaches you about mind-set is her true gift of wealth!

Learn From Local Experts

2018 Speakers

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“Catalyst LIVE is an absolute game changer. In 11 short weeks Cheri Hill combines her funny, bold, strategic perspective on business (and life) and decades of expertise and success stories into well-organized, thoughtful, articulate lectures.

The weekly class is structured to cover a wide range of essential business topics but is clear, immediate and practical throughout. Almost every week Cheri introduced us to well-spoken guest experts who poured out their knowledge and vision while sharing immediately applicable tips and strategies. Attendees are entrepreneurs who range from first-time business owners to veterans like me looking to fill in some essential business holes. If I could, I’d to take this course over and over again just to soak it in, and keep pushing my business. i’m still shaking my head at the massive value she delivers for such a tiny price. Grab a spot at Catalyst LIVE  and take your business to the next level!”

Brynn Breuner
Branding Specialist
Mind Spark Branding

“Cheri’s class is a must-do class, especially for the new business owner or entrepreneur. I’ve taken her class twice so far, and will take it again, as each series brings new insight.

Her original thinking, thinking outside the box, thinking of things you haven’t even conceived yet, and all the practical ideas and concepts discussed in the class are invaluable, as are the very interesting, original thinkers she has come in to speak on specialized topics.”

Geri McHam President
The Estate Planning Source LLC

Mary Pollard – Silver State Vaulting

“I learned so many things within the class…
it was one of the best classes I have ever taken.”

Jeff Busboom – JM Concepts

“It was an eye opening experience for me and really taught me how much I don’t know…we get to learn all over again whats going to make our business a success…”


634 Ryland Street, Reno NV 89509

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